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Talent schools

Every child has potential which should be recognized and activated by providing the appropriate conditions. To enable the child to develop their abilities, we offer a selection of afternoon classes.

Artistic and IT school

  • drawing,
  • 3D printing,
  • programming,
  • guitar lessons,
  • pottery lessons.


Language school

  • English
  • Spanish

Sports school

  • judo,
  • modern dancing.

Download our English language Elementary School Warsaw

Class schedule

Class schedule for grades 1-3 and 4-8

School Calendar

Calendar of school events


Our aims, goals and School organization


Rules and Regulations of the "Vancouver Schools"

Our school through the lens 🙂

Contact data

ul. Globusowa 38, 02-472 Warszawa, Poland

m: +48 887 808 266
t: (22) 632 16 67

Elementary school warsaw

Bilingual elementary School Warsaw, English language primary school Warsaw
1. primary school 2. elementary school warsaw 3. bilingual elementary school  4. bilingual primary school warsaw

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