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Polish-English Private Primary School located in Włochy district, 38 Globusowa street in Warsaw. Our facility is surrounded by residential buildings in the close vicinity of Veterans Park, Capricorn Pond and playgrounds. The building meets all the fire protection and sanitary standards providing a safe and hygienic enviroment for the children.


Bilingual English – Polish Primary School was established due to my fascination by the bilingual Canadian culture and education, and a high level of social life of Canadians.
As an English teacher I watched my daughters becoming bilingual in a natural way. I learned about the Canadian education system through contacts with the Canadian Ministry of Education and the direct observation of classes in schools in Vancouver. This experience led to the idea of transfering this friendly system to Poand. I would like to give the young people the opportunity to acquire knowledge in an easier , more interesting and more accessible way. My desire is that the children attending our facility will grow into open, confident and modern people.

Canadian system focuses on the child . The teacher assists in aquiring information and skills .The need to ask questions, make mistakes , independently seek information and experiment are respected as well as the need of natural physical activity in the classroom. Space in the English-speaking classrooms is organized in such a way that a child can follow a natural need to change body position. The ability to get up , stretch out or to rock improves sensory integration , gives positive effect on the child’s concentration and prevents postural deformities . Children are calmer and willing to cooperate.

The first English-language Canadian nursery was founded in Warsaw in 2001. Its continuation is a bilingual Polish – English Nursery Buzzy Bee . The success of the Nursery allowed me to continue and expand the idea of ​​bilingual education in our new Bilingual English – Polish Elementary School.

Monika Allen,

Our goals

The primary aim of the school is to prepare the children to cope in the modern world. In addition to their ability to function and learn in two languages ​​simultaneously, of great importance to us are other aspects of the child’s development such as:

  • social and emotional development
  • ability to think independently and to experiment
  • ability to take risks
  • ability to seek for and analyse information independently
  • confidence building
  • assertiveness and ability to speak in public
  • ability to cooperate, negotiate and make decisions together

Equally important is the physical health of the child, therefore, the aim of the school will be to develop healthy habits such as:

  • daily exercise in the fresh air
  • proper sitting
  • principles of healthy nutrition
  • ecological attitude

Aims of the school

The aim of the school is modern bilingual education. Our teaching system is a combination of the best practices and aspects of Polish and Canadian education systems. Our work is based on current core curriculum of the Ministry of National Education and core curriculum of the British Columbia based on Vancouver Schools license. Daily classes in English are conducted in accordance with the proven method of Immersion using modern Canadian and British materials.


Class schedule

Class schedule for 1-8 grades


Rules and Regulations of the “Vancouver Schools”


Statute of the “Vancouver Schools”

Grading system

Internal grading system of the “Vancouver Schools”

Bilingual elementary School Warsaw

Bilingual primary school Warsaw, English language elementary school Warsaw

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ul. Globusowa 38, 02-472 Warszawa, Poland

m: +48 887 808 266
t: (22) 632 16 67

Elementary school warsaw

Bilingual elementary School Warsaw, English language primary school Warsaw
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